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PitBulls – Friends or Foes

Posted by mrpitbull on January 23, 2009


Mr Pit Bull believes that a dog’s temperament is the measure of a dogs true worth.  It has long been said that; “a dog is a man’s best friend” and it is the willingness of a good dog to show loving obedience even when ones master is having a bad day, that makes us a friend that can be counted on.  (see article: “Stray Pitbull saves woman and 2 year old son…

To some, the mere mention of a Pit Bull Terrier elicits terror and mayhem.  They have been led to believe that a Pit Bull is a killing machine that neither thinks nor reasons but simply exist to terrorize anyone who may cross the pitbull’s path.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Yes, the PitBull is a powerful and often times fearless dog with a high drive to please his master.  Unfortunately, unscrupulous individuals at times have misused the Pit’s trusting nature, training PitBull’s for aggression and the results can be adverse.  Yet this is not the nature of the Pit Bull nor is this indicative of the breed.  Of interest, is a quote taken from the December 29, 2008 Sports Illustrated cover story (see: ) “Of all dogs,” says Dr. Frank McMillan, the director of well-being studies at the Best Friends Animal Society, a 33,000 acre sanctuary in Southern Utah, “Pit Bulls possess the single greatest ability to bond with people”

Over the years I have endeavored to educate the misinformed as to the gentle nature of my Pit Bull friends, generally to no avail.  They’ve seen news report’s portraying the Pitbull as a killer and nothing I suggest is going to change that thinking.  Fortunately though, the majority of people are willing to adjust their thinking when presented with evidence that has not been hyped for the sensationalism of a news report.

A few years ago I was introduced to an Organization called the “ATTS”.  The American Temperament Test Society, Inc. (ATTS) which is a national not-for-profit organization for the promotion of uniform temperament evaluation of dogs.  It was established in 1977 and has tested (as of December 2006) 27,162 dogs.  Each dog tested is evaluated in a 10 step process, after which the dog receives either a passing or failing grade.  The result of 20 years of testing has yielded some surprising and not so surprising results.  To no ones surprise the Labrador Retriever stands alone at the top of the heap as the dog with the best temperament (with100+ tested) with a passing grade of 91.5%.  Interestingly, the American Pit Bull Terrier follows not far behind with a passing grade of 84.1%.  A close examination of the testing reveals some interesting facts:  The American Pit Bull Terrier consistently demonstrated equal or better temperament than many of the most trusted breeds, including the following:

Breed Name













































For a complete report see:

Due in part to the American Pit Bull Terriers loving nature and even temperament, the Pit Bull has quickly became one of the most popular breeds in the United States.   In my opinion, pit bulls are probably the most popular dog in the history of the United States,” said Adam Goldfarb, issues specialist for the Humane Society of the United States in Gaithersburg, Md. “When I say popular, I don’t mean well-liked. I mean numerous.” Although there is no accurate way of counting the number of dogs of a given breed, many experts believe that the American Pit Bull Terrier could number into the millions.  With so many dogs of one breed it isn’t surprising that on occasion the Pitbull Terrier finds itself in the headlines.

But yet, just as a crime committed by a person of a given race, tribe or creed does not define the entire ethnic group, nor should an isolated deed of one dog.  For every attack attributed to a Pit Bull, there are literally thousands of Pit Bulls that have never bitten or attacked anyone.  Some misinformed reports have stated that a seemingly benign Pit Bull can turn on someone without warning, but yet the facts say otherwise. Research performed by most experts finds that dogs involved in attacks overwhelmingly have a known history of aggression, even though many dog owners deny or minimize this fact. The neighbors are usually a better source for documenting negative aspects of a dog’s history than the owners are. As such, it is further evidence that dogs, including “pit bulls”, don’t just “turn” on their owners. A follow-up to a CDC report on dog bite fatalities came to a similar conclusion.

As with any large breed dog Mr Pit Bull recommends responsible ownership.


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Ode to My PitBull Friends

Posted by mrpitbull on January 23, 2009


Hi I’m Mr Pit Bull, It is my pleasure to welcome you to where some of the finest Pit Bulls on the planet are bred and produced.  I take pride in representing PitBulls of all varieties.

Whether you are a Red Nose or are Blue, whether you are fawn in color, black, white or Blue; you may be solid in color or spotted, speckled or hued.  Living in a mansion on top of a hill or residing in poverty with a young man named Bill.  From the east coast to the west, from the north to the south, if you reside on this planet you’re welcome in my house.  Some may malign us my brothers, this much is true, but yet by standing united we’ll get what is due; and that is love and affection from owners like you.

We’ve entertained little rascals like “Spanky and Our Gang”.   We’ve comforted the lowly experiencing their pain.  When a call goes out to be at our masters side we do so with pleasure and with eagerness abide.

But yet, to be an American Pit Bull Terrier is not easy some days, unscrupulous cowards ply us in their ways.  Like a gun in the hand of the criminal they force us to the slaughter, but from our loving obedience may we not totter.  Stand up and be counted my Pit Bull friend, allow our loving nature to win in the end.  For the millions of distinguished owners who truly discern, the American Pit Bull Terrier is the epitome of love they have learned.

So whether you are new to our breed or have loved us before, I’m happy you have taken the time to understand us more.   I love you my brother for this I know, that standing united, our legend will grow.  So if you are in need of a friend, I’m Mister Pit Bull and this is where you should begin.

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